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To provide world class specialized coaching on leveraging ketones, ketosis, ketogenic diets and fasting protocols to achieve goals such as performance enhancement, longevity promotion, inflammation reduction and fat loss.


Customizing Keto™ – the home of real effective ketogenic coaching

Helping clients worldwide, mean and women just like yourself, achieve the best shape and health of their lives


Customizing Keto™ is your personal ketogenic diet coach hub, focussed on creating personalised, tailored and specific effective ketogenic protocols for you as a unique individual. We believe in truly dedicated one to one customised coaching, providing dedicated tailored protocols and not some one size fits all, or generic, plans.


Effective, tailored, ketogenic coaching.


As a group, we have decades of keto experience, hundreds of pounds of fat lost, improved athletic performance (and physique), and recaptured health. Our focus is on expert online coaching, ongoing support, and guided mentorship that is tailored specifically for you.


We maximise your results from ketones and the ketogenic diet.


Everyone at Customizing Keto™ is at the top of their field. Our group is comprised of some of the worlds leading ketogenic coaches, taking an evidence based approach to total body recomposition and optimal health. We research, we coach and we bring you incredible results.


KETOGENIC DIET – nothing feels as good as keto feels.

The Ketogenic Diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet that forces the body to burn ketones for fuel. Unlike other low-carb diets in which the body is basically being starved for lack of glycogen, the keto diet changes the way energy is produced in the body. The keto diet allows the body to burn stored fat for fuel rather than converting carbohydrates to glucose. Most specifically, a ketogenic diet is one that restricts carbohydrates below a certain level (generally 100 grams per day or less), inducing a series of keto-adaptations to take place. Protein and fat intake are variable, depending on the goal of the dieter In Ketosis you will experience:

  • A significant increase in energy
  • Less water retention
  • Fat loss
  • Greater stamina
  • Improved cognitive thinking.
  • Consistent state of positivity



Here at Customizing Keto™ we believe a healthy mind and body grows from a balance of knowledge, fitness, and nutrition. By knowing how the body works and fueling the body with proper nutrition, we can reach higher levels of fitness and achieve optimal health. Customizing Keto™ develops and implements individual training programs for each client based on their specific goals. A unique program becomes a tool for helping individuals learn how their body works. Not only will each client be successful in achieving specific goals, but most importantly, he or she will become self-sufficient in sustaining a lifestyle that contributes to a long and healthy life.


If you are serious about getting results and willing to do what it takes, send us some brief details on your goals and challenges and what you have been doing to date by submitting this form.

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