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CustomizingKetoâ„¢ is is at the top of their field in the keto and ketogenic coaching community. Our group is comprised of some of the worlds leading ketogenic coaches, taking an evidence based approach to total body recomposition and optimal health. We research, we coach and we bring you incredible results.

When you choose to get in the best shape and health of your life with CustomizingKeto you will be working with some of the very best in the field of Ketones, Ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet.

Our coaches include:

Began training at age 13 with a home gym made of plastic sand weights, was on the HS powerlifting team, ... Read more
I am married to the love of my life Randy. We have 4 children and 1 granddaughter. I cook and clean just ... Read more
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Spent the majority of my youth and young adult life Overweight/obese. Came to the brink of Diabetes and ... Read more
35 years old, married and father of 3 girls. Read more

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