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We provide an comprehensive and qualified, results based, tailored coaching experience to assist you reach your physical, mental and health goals rapidly following a ketogenic approach to lifestyle and nutrition. Our coaching platform and coaches are to here provide specific tailored programs, support, accountability, encouragement, offer new ideas/tweaks/changes for both food and behaviors. We want to see you reach your goals. We need you to be serious and committed to change. This process is all about you. The hard parts are up to you.



Ketogenic lifestyle coaching provided by CustomizingKeto is for anyone who is interested in improving their physical composition, gaining muscle, losing body fat, improving their health and optimising cognitive functioning and performance. We believe that the ketogenic lifestyle is an optimal state of being for everyone and the natural evolutionary blueprint for optimal human health, therefore, our coaching is suitable for everyone.For those with medical concerns, please review our FAQ section.



CustomizingKeto coaching is operated by coaches who work with you anywhere in the world, making use of email, skype, Google hangouts, messenger, our Facebook coaching group and much more to allow us to work with you at a distance online.

  • Step-by-step customized programming for nutrition, training and lifestyle
  • Email support for questions and concerns
  • Education to learn more about nutrition, training and supplementation
  • Flexible dieting, supplement and training adjustments made throughout plan
  • Supplementation recommendations and discount on Supplements
  • Skype available


No one size fits all plans!


Stop Wishing!


Let us join you on your journey to being the best you possible. The only failure in life is failing to start.


If you are serious about getting results and willing to do what it takes, send us some brief details on your goals and challenges and what you have been doing to date by submitting this form.

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